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Our Manifesto Image Curve is an exhaust mechanism: a creative outlet for anyone with a sharp pencil. We live to get high on language. We believe language is the universal art-form of human experience...

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Holy Men in Unholy Times

Apocalyptic Short Story My breathing became labored as chilled air pulled through the damp cloth covering my face. It was a formality, as most doctors knew; a small comfort for the dying. Those entering...

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Forest Creatures: Ember – Part Three

Short Story For a small pocket of time the humans were happy in the forest. Their laughter was louder than the whispering birds. I gave them their privacy, lighting myself on fire when another...

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The Boy Who Cried Bacon

Short Story Rachel Steep, currently seated in a hunter’s green armchair across a mahogany table from her student, normally stands a full foot taller than the neurochem-wunderkind Irwin Twimble; granted this doesn’t say much...

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Poem   Say a little prayer for your neighbor. He does not know his wrong from the right. Say a little prayer for that racist. He distinguishes the black from the white. Say a...