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TormentedMadIllBrilliantSadMelancholicStupidWicked Words on paperThat is what that isDon’t you think? more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

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Who Could I Have Been

Life Poetry   Life can bring you funny moments when you question everything and think of all the different paths you could have taken. Your choices define you and build your person but isn’t...

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Through Time

You can hear the steps On the road Suffocated sounds and voices In the distance You can almost feel the sun On your skin And see the sky From the window The world is...

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As The Clouds Do

Poem   The earth smiles from the dark While the water rises And fills my lungs I choose to believe Things will change They have to Or I will die There is a butterfly...

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The Rebel

Rebellion Poems   My father once warned me That the rebel within me Will cause nothing but trouble. Maybe that is exactly what I need To feel alive again While the dawn is approaching...

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Relationship Poems   I can be a butterfly if you like A colourful little creature Full of grace and beauty Or the fresh grass in spring If you wish Snuggled by the rain On...

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Life Flows Away

Poem Hands forced on each other Blue sky A face without eyes Smiles Life flows away Crying emotions A sunny day Angry flying plates Kisses Life flows away Goodbye hugs Rainbows in rain Slaps...