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Watercolor Girl 0

To Be Reborn

Leaves on the ground. Blue on the windows. Steps on the stairs. Red in the eyes. You ate my heart without regret. The feast was witnessed by the dwarfs, and the fairies with their...

Us 0


She’s waiting… but my paper is still blank waiting for my thoughts, memories and dreams that faded away like spring fog and the echoes of nature are calling them back. Blank papers – blank...

Train Ride 0

Just Wait

I would like to put your hands Underneath it So you can tell me How does it feel To get them cut off You can tell me How deep is your understanding Of my...

gone man 0

The Gone Man

Pieces of wind are falling down on this sunny day. It doesn’t matter if the light is getting cold. You are by my side. The gone man is passing by, searching for his mouth....

Night She 2


She wants to live in a world without man-made lights. Let her – says the carpenter. No, are you crazy? It is an invention, the one of light, so people can see what they...

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TormentedMadIllBrilliantSadMelancholicStupidWicked Words on paperThat is what that isDon’t you think? more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

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Who Could I Have Been

Life Poetry   Life can bring you funny moments when you question everything and think of all the different paths you could have taken. Your choices define you and build your person but isn’t...