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short story about bravery 0

Animal Dilemmas – Lion Hippo

Short Story The Elephant did not enter the forest because it was not thirsty enough. It was not afraid of a single lion but it knew that groups of lions can cause it serious permanent...

short story about freedom 0

Animal Dilemmas – Camel Moth

Short Story The Queen Moth crawled up the crack in the rock into the light and flew up in the hot desert air. It circled the large rock that was its kingdom and the...

Whale, short story about shipwreck 0

Animal Dilemmas – Whale Ants

Short Story The ant colony was growing so large and strong that the giants that ruled the ship started noticing it more often and losses of hundreds of worker ants at a time became...

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Animal Dilemmas – Pheasant Satyr

Short Story The Satyr wondered into the woods. It stopped by the feast grounds in a forest clearing. The tables were gone, the ground was littered with rotting fruit and fish. The soil was...