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Animal Dilemmas – Flamingo Flying Fox

Short Story   The murderous Flying Fox instituted terror throughout the colony. It recruited all young foxes that were in doubt and continued to raid farms devastating entire crops. The farmers did not hesitate...

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Animal Dilemmas – Pig Lizard

Short Story   The Lizard was used to attacks of the sort. As if every living creature wanted a piece of its home. The Lizard knew exactly what to do and how to time it....

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Animal Dilemmas – Cat Bee

Short Story The Bee flew out of the window like a rocket using all its strength. Ejecting its poison into the giant required tremendous effort. What the Bee didn’t know was that most bees of...

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Animal Dilemmas – Frog Owl

Short Story The Owl spend the entire night hunting mice. It grew tired and clumsy as the night progressed. From the countless attempts it only managed to catch one. One tiny, equally unexperienced mouse,...