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Sea Breeze

To touch, I am reaching out my hand, this wild, eternal dance to understand. My head is being enchanted, fascinated and my eyes gently, slowly are fading. Sitting on the sands within the softness,...

beautiful love poems 2

Words Are Hollow

Love Poem   After days and nights, many fights, days of spring and summer, auburn fall and colder winter. All the battles we fought together! All dawns we spent and laughed! Friends and smiles...

poem about desperation 0

There Is No End

Poem   In the darkest tunnel after shadows black and long. He awaits me, with his hands towards me… I am walking like a ghost not afraid of the misty clouds and the cold...

Freedom Poems 3

Welcome, Freedom

Freedom Poems   Freedom – my shelter, my home! I forgot your kissing winds, I forgot your caressing hands.   The way you make my heart pulse and throb, the way I am reaching...

bereavement poem 0

Forget Forgiveness

Poem   Months have passed Summer turned to fall. Days are growing cold- and the wind is blowing fast …away to a crimson sky- bloody sunset and do you know? I still hide to...