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The Outside – Part One

Short Fiction   With little knowledge of the outside, I stare helplessly at the city gates. Stumbling onto the platform, only a few stragglers continue their shushed conversations. I motion toward John, who rallies...

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A Worm Story

Short Story   It’s clear to me now that I was not a normal child. Like my peers, I enjoyed watching TV and playing with toys but there was something oddly unique to me...

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The Tramp – Part Five

Serial Story   Down the road, the Tramp saw a collection of cars jumbled together in a massive crash that must have contained at the very least eight automobiles. Knowing he didn’t have enough...

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The Tramp – Part Four

Serial Story   The Tramp began a mad frenzy of a display running through the crowds of fleeing people. His blades were thirsty for blood and he was more than willing to quench their...

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Freak – Part Six

Serial Fiction   “Do you think we should help him?” “Nah, its just that kid from third hour — you know the one. He’s always staring at you.” “I know … but he just seems...