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Gothicarus: Part XIII – Dawn

Serial Gothic Poem The sun seemed like a new and exciting friend. Her carriage rolled along the road for days, Yet neither the journey nor the dips in the road and the rocks- suddenly...

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Gothicarus: Part XII – Conductor

Serial Gothic Poem He frowned at her sternly. “You are…connected. You see and hear What others do not. The heavenly realm calls to you.” She twisted her pale hands. “I’ve always felt that He...


Gothicarus: Part XI – Bumps

Serial Poem Did you hear that? I’m certain he’s back again. Measured breaths against the floorboards Betray the location of the fiend. I will not move a hand or foot. In stillness, I will...


Gothicarus: Part IX – Mantra

“Ever awake, I must remain Ever vigilant, sharp, and pure. Able to make a firm assay Of the energy in my sphere. Never alone with temptation, Never indulge with thought or flesh The dread...


Gothicarus: Part VIII – A Timid Spring

Serial Poem When the white came down, it was searing. Dazzling, sparkling colors appeared. She was terrified; she was intrigued Was it possible the doom had cleared? Desperation knows not to caution, Bid oneself...