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Forgotten Dreams

Fantasy Short Story   I found myself standing within a small, circular room, about two metres in height. My head ached and I was unaware of how I got to be there, so I...

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My Soul Grew Stronger

Short Story   As I rode my grey stallion over the sweeping valleys surrounding my kingdom, I came across the morning sun. The penetrating rays shone over the misty lowlands, filling both the skies...

action fiction 0

Russian Roulette

Short Story   She stood among the crowd of thousands of people in the Red Square. All were waiting for the countdown to mark the new year, a new millennium, but she was waiting...

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The Handprint

Short Story   A wave of tiredness flowed over John as he stepped through the front door of his apartment. Travelling for three months straight really was exhausting, but he hadn’t felt it until...

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Fixed On War

Short Story   Face down in the mud, I dragged myself through thorns and thickets of shrubs. The damp was seeping into my boots, and the chill biting at my flesh. My men surrounded...