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The Solitary Ruin

Poem   Without you My world Utterly Crumbled And collapsed Burying me Under Tons of Jagged pieces Of rubble. I am Crushed by the Weight Of Solitude   more by¬†KainThornn photograph by Jake Melara...

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Cold Light

Poem   When my world went cold and dark You put a bright flame up Lit the darkest corners I am drawn to it Yet Much of me feels I’m not supposed To be...

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In Her Service

Poem   The knight took up his sword and shield In service to his Queen He served her well When all else failed her His life was forfeit for her His sword drank deeply...

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What Used to Be

Poem   I used to write. So many words about love, lust, hurt, desire, life. Some still exist in places on the internet I don’t go to anymore, some I threw away because I...

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Have You?

¬†Poem   Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and seen the rest of your life? Or the end of it? Have you ever been away from someone and you missed them so much...