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short stories about dreams and goals 10

The Great Dream

Short Story “‘Are you dreaming?’ “The question caught me off guard. I didn’t recognize the voice. I turned to look at the man that questioned me. ‘Excuse me?’ As I turned I realized I...

fiction about love 0


Short Story   He sat in the creaky, carved-up desk working up the courage to go talk to her. He had been staring at her all semester from that tiny, vandalized chair, but still...

Short Scary Stories 0


Short Story   I could feel the eyes on me, countless and faceless among the trees. But still I watched the fire. The edge of the forest approached close, brushed lightly by the glow...

short story about self discovery 0

16 Psyche

Short Story   “I dreamt of the Earth last night.” SABRA looked up at me and paused. “How did that make you feel?” He didn’t know what that question meant. He asked it when...

short story about human nature 1


Short Story   He knelt on one knee with his head down in thought. The world around him was ablaze, but he paid no attention. The hungry flames licked disappointedly at his immortal skin....