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Cosmic Caper – Part Seven

Science Fiction “Turn around slowly.” Jorwei and Haaga turned cautiously to find a haggard looking guard holding an autoshot carbine in each hand. Jorwei spoke calmly, “Okay, you got us… take it easy…” “Shut...

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Cosmic Caper – Part Six

Science Fiction Haaga wiped green blood off his blade as the servant, Oorlo, led them out of the lounge, through a deserted kitchen, and into a maintenance hallway. “It should be a while before they...

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Cosmic Caper – Part Five

Science Fiction Deilan took one look at the guards encircling them and immediately dropped to his knees. He shrieked, “Please don’t shoot! I’m a real agent! These criminals hijacked my cruiser and forced me to go...

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Cosmic Caper – Part Four

Science Fiction The four impostor U.L.E. agents gazed through smooth featureless black helmets at their lavish surroundings. Transparent walls stretched up two stories, before curving inwards to meet in the center of the ceiling....

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Cosmic Caper – Part Three

Science Fiction “Seriously, have any of you ever seen any place so boring?” Jorwei leaned against the glass as their ship sped past the frozen blue sphere that was the Tesup System’s fourth planet....