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short family story 1

Grandma Clifton

Family Story   When I was younger, my grandma took my brother and I to a lot of movies. It was good bonding time, and we would all hangout at her house before and...

fiction about cancer 0

The Mondays

Short Story I was told I was dying on a Monday morning. Mondays are usually just a lame excuse to be grumpy or bitchy, but I think I had a legitimate excuse to have...

post-war fiction 0

The Sailor

Short Story   He started at the water, and wanted to end there as well. Before the sea, Joe knew nothing of himself. He was only a shell of the man his parents wanted...

imagination fiction 1


Short Story   Before breakfast I went to Mars. It’s hot there. It’s really dry too. I left my footprint in the dirt. I only had socks on so I got a bunch of...

fiction about school 0

Locker 138

Short Story   Locker 138 is the place where I met the best girlfriend I ever had and where I broke up with her. It’s also where I made about $300 off of letting...

short story about growing old 0

The Tree

Short Story   I can’t remember the first time I saw the sun. Memories only go back to when I was about three years old, and by then I was about four feet tall....