Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital at the MAD Museum

Out of Hand, Art Museum Review

Art Museum Review


Today was a day. The universe is boundless, therefore everything has happened at least once before, therefore everything is possible. That was my first impression from Out of Hand. This avant-garde plastic show is like philosophical fireworks, a lodestone for geeks and entrepreneurs alike. Witness the digital fabrication of our world. From reality to the virtual and back to reality, assimilated, digested and reproduced with plastic (and 3D printers). Because when an idea takes shape it is like poetry. Shapes touch us more than words. We are a shape or shapeless at times (depending on how much plastic we eat). This is a show about a very special type of shapes.

Brainwave sofa, clone chair, 3D printed gown, diffracted plastic sculptures (as if the printer was stuttering), vehicles to mention a few. The gods and goddesses of design are speeding up the pendulum of the world’s imagination. Like ancient sculptures with keyboards busy hammering away the imperfections of the model of heaven we live in. The show includes significant amount of purpose-built objects. Precisely engineered parts fit to niche needs made with software with a mind. A mind sufficiently accurate to resolve the ancient puzzle of our brains. For the artists included here are the once solving the future longitude problem.

Yes, do bring your brain along to fill it up with capitalist ideas. To weigh out the most economically viable incarnation of this exceedingly affordable way of producing the future. Dressing like a international criminal (wall street like) is recommended. For these galleries are the birthplace of great chat and start-up ideas. Shaping the unshapable. The glamour of strangeness drills through the ordinary until immortality. So leave your star-speckled muddy potato field for a jiffy and empty your cargo pockets. Enter the future and remember that what is now proven was once only imagined. Stay savoir-faire.



As originally published on February 28, 2014 by AskANewYorker – Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital at the MAD Museum


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