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Mike Kelly, Art Show Review

Art Show Review


I would like to borrow Mike Kelly’s imagination for a few days, so I can create a grand metaphor for life itself. Hurry to PS1 before the fresh loafs of inspiration leak away into the good warm world. Mike Kelly at PS1 managed to decant every drop of his wonderfully colorful mind into a multi-dimensional world of stuffed animals curled together, hanging from the ceiling, clustered by color (among other things). The congregation of color seems to be the rule. But! The melting pots of our urban world are not without representation. Stuffed animals of various walks of life are sometimes drawn to each other by an invisible force, more powerful than tradition.

Kelly is far from tradition. While the rest of us were intensely concentrated on taking cherries out of the jar he dreamt up the contemporary rococo. His thoughts are of melancholy nature born as a result of thinking, again and again, of the features, gestures and behavior of poetry. If you’ve ever thought of buying luggage, stuffing five mini coopers in it and smuggling them into the land of blood and honey. Then! You already have the entire PS1 show inside your head. If you haven’t, join the club and pay a visit!

You will not find a judgment day here. Rather the kind of leisure that will extract you from the jar (routine) and submerge you into a few blissful moments outside time. Clustered collages and colorful stuffed alligators, smiley teddy bears tangled in trouble with grumpy pink rabbits, the list is long. Hefty discussion tables (think G-20) surrounded by snow monkeys, tigers, bumblebees and one-eyed donkeys. Forget politics, economics, culture and the search for the ‘god particle’. Free your mind. At PS1 you will find the Human Development Index (not the UN one), developed by real humans. If you are still looking for your forte, maybe you’ll find it here. ‘No drinking on the floor.’ Stay minty.



As originally published on January 24, 2014 by AskANewYorker – Mike Kelly at PS1


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