Author payouts

We have a program on Image Curve where you can earn money for your content. We pay out $0.60 per a thousand views on any of your stories/articles with an average time on the page for all views of 60 seconds. Up to $120 a month with the possibility to increase this limit as you progress.

At any time you can request a payout by emailing [email protected] from the email you registered with and are posting the content from – provide a PayPal email address for the payout. Note that there are some fees when receiving payouts using PayPal. The minimum payout is $10.

The way to start earning money is first by registering on our website by going here. Once, you’ve registered you can go here and start writing. After finishing the writing process save your work and email [email protected] with the title of the work you’d like to publish from the email you’ve registered with and we’ll review and consider your work for publishing.

Currently, there are two ways to view the views on your content. The first is by going to the story page and near the social buttons at the bottom you’ll see the views count. The second is by us sending you export from our Google Analytics upon request.

The payouts program is effective since 1 May 2023.