Author: Ursula Rabar Babic

Motorcycle Helmet 0

I Wasn’t There

the wind blew towards my face while I reached the concrete. aaaaaahhhhh was what I said at the end. no memorable quote no flash back just pain and numbness. at least that is what...

Music Girl 2

And the Spring Finally Came

The choir was singing to your dumb victory raising prayers screaming out loud worshiping your figure. You tart, human exposure of nullity and mediocrity. The song turned around you like a snake it smelled...

Bulbs 2


room of light balls room of candles room of bluebells bluebird then the images disappear as they are wanted to more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

Confused Cat 0

Yellow Rubbish

Rubbish, old yellow rubbish. You see, it is there, It doesn’t move It stares at you While you walk, smile or think. Old yellow rubbish Covering the air Whispering dark thoughts It dyes every...

Us 0


She’s waiting… but my paper is still blank waiting for my thoughts, memories and dreams that faded away like spring fog and the echoes of nature are calling them back. Blank papers – blank...

The Pill 0

The Pill

To forget about tomorrow, you took it without second thoughts. Your body was torn apart by grey dots falling from the ceiling in fascinating composition. Why did you do it? Rest, don’t move, it...

One Eye 0

The Golden String

He took a big needle, put the string in the eye of the needle gently, almost petting the needle. There there, he said now we are ready. He took their skin between his fingers...

We 0


Crying, I give my empty hands, my body is wrapped in disease it is going, disappearing, decaying … What is it that ate you? What is it that put you to sleep? What is...