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Our entire social circle is our role model. So we dance to its music of opinions, looks, suggestions, criticism, etiquette, dress code, hairstyle and so on. As a society most of us prefer structure (human nature likes order). That often means confronting reality head on, quite often from a minimalistic midtown glass-dressed office building. Those of us who chose that tortilla flat professional lifestyle are the very building blocks of our functional society. Those are the ones rocking steady. The stone masons, revolving striking jacks, potato growers, riot police, serious men, time keepers that make our lives as we know it possible.

They provide us with a roof, food, safety and a well-weighted plan for a regulated life on the blue plant. They deserve praise for the ability to handle the monotonous routine of structure, clocks and caffeine. Because of them the streets of Manhattan (an island of many hills) are straight and parallel (for the most part) making our lives easy once again. To all those who have firm schedules and long weekends and do not wander if the cosmos is made of matter! They make our city beautiful.

On the far edge of society’s spectrum is another group disproportionally smaller in numbers, often living on the margins of structure, or in SoHo, are the schedule-less so-called artists. The immortal writers, painters, dancers, singers, actors, filmmakers that help us stop hammering the anvil for a jiffy in exchange for a piece of our gold. They are incarnated in their work and through it in us. We fight our battles with their ideas, they live in our minds and we in theirs. They save us from our repetitive at times lives. They inspire breaths of solar winds extracting us from time itself. So we can forget the blur of routine.

They borrow our pains and hopes and project them on the big screen to solace us. They created love the way we know it, shaping it in a beautiful timeless sculpture that at times is as elusive as a unicorn. They fool us! They need us! We need them! And this is how it works. And if you are not sure which group you belong to! There is a simple test. If you ever wondered: When I am playing with my cat, how do I know she is not playing with me? You probably have creative inclinations. C’est la vie!



photograph by Ryan McGuire


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