Category: Haibun

In our Haibun section we pay tribute to this ancient art of combining prose and poetry (haiku) to explore modern notions and dilemmas.


Miniature Train-Riding

I almost can’t remember how the trains raced around the track. How Dad and I adjusted knobs and toggled twitches. How town lights turned on and off; how locomotives whirled out of the tunnel....


Such Summer Fun

An old video, copied from an old film, shows me attempting to roller skate with the Sterino kids. I remember laughter, and perhaps some encouraging words from Debbie. She, with her long, thick brown...


Racehorse Dreams

“It was one of his many ‘get rich quick’ schemes,” Mom says. She and Dad bought a racehorse with some thoroughbred blood in it. They hired a trainer and jockey, and rented stables. They...


Big Wheel Stunts

The rumbling of my Big Wheels on the blacktop. The pulled handle break, the spin out, and the way I face the way I’ve come. How fast could I ride down the hill of...


A Forgotten Sentry

Deep emerald maple leaves blossom on my neighbor’s tree. The trunk—in shadow—looks almost black. It casts little shade over the aging, clubhouse-swing set that my neighbor worked so hard to erect. The one no...


Bronx Zoo Visit, 7/16/14

moving dinosaurs the animatronics that bring battles to life his smile when T-Rex downs triceratops The tiger lies on his side, eyes closed. Another one—the next enclosure over—at least lifts his head. As indifferently...