Category: Haibun

In our Haibun section we pay tribute to this ancient art of combining prose and poetry (haiku) to explore modern notions and dilemmas.


Another Mother’s Day?

Haibun Mom washed, curled, brushed and hairsprayed. Then she applied makeup and lipstick. For the first time in weeks, she looks like she always does when she goes out in public. She loses her...



Dust falls through my fingers. I reach down and grab another handful. Sage and withered birch are all that break up the ashen plain. There should be light, but too many thunderclouds blot out...


That Swing

Haibun I pull the black metal bars of that swing. The ground swings to the sky swings to the ground. Over and over again. Fog horn wind-tossed waves at Kingsland Point more by FRANK...


Shepherd’s Call

Each year, The Catholic Church celebrates Christ the Good Shepherd. A common Gospel reading for that Sunday Liturgy is the Gospel of John, in which Jesus Christ calls himself “the good Shepherd.” (John 10:...


Losing Grandma

I don’t remember Grandma’s death. The only flash of memory is a snippet of conversation, and a flash of grief and concern on Mom’s face. My most clear memory of Grandma: she would squeeze...


A Shattering Truth

You and Dad tried to conceive for twelve years before you decided to adopt. You told me that story often enough: how I grabbed your pinky when you visited candidate babies, and you knew...