Category: Haibun

In our Haibun section we pay tribute to this ancient art of combining prose and poetry (haiku) to explore modern notions and dilemmas.


An Awaited Turn in the Weather

Brightening. Darkening. Crabapple leaves viewed through the dining room window alternate between a luminescent emerald in golden light and drab green. Until the daylight dims to a dull-gray. Thunder rumbles in the distance. The...


A Paternal Encounter?

Am I dreaming, or somehow awake? I can almost hear Dad: his absolute, direct, self-confident tone filled. I feel a burst of his frenetic energy. Someone calls out, “Dad!” It’s me. Someone cries, “Help!”...


First Contact

Lynn’s “a” looks like mine. I hesitate for a second, pray, then open the envelop. Inside lies a folded card with artwork from the Met. Her handwritten message—written right-side to left—begins by thanking me...


Foretaste of Fall

It’s cool this morning. The maple beside the deck still holds a canopy of lush, verdant leaves. The Pygmy Chinese maple offers no hint of any loss. The lawn is as green—and overgrown—as ever....


Memorial Light and Shadow

What do I remember of her? Straight brown hair, sky-blue eyes and tapered cheekbones? Her love of horses? My head swimming when she smiled? What don’t I remember of her? Our walks in the...