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Image Curve is home to all poets, composing verses in all shapes and forms. We believe poetry is an engine for beauty that inspires us to stride forward head on into the future. We are the poetry publishers for all.

Image Curve is an exhaust mechanism: a creative outlet for anyone with a sharp pencil. We live to get high on language. We believe language is the universal art-form of human experience – the mouthpiece of a soul, a generation, or a god. If you write with your leg this is the place for you. If you read with your leg and can explain what is that supposed to mean, this is the place for you.

We are hungry for fiction. Image Curve is an online site for serial publication where writers can publish fiction in a weekly installment format. We are a home for the short story and the poem. We believe in the work and its original form, and we have an abnormal respect for anyone who can string words together in stories of any type, shape or form.

We love reading well-written, unfiltered, contemporary fiction by creative people of all backgrounds. We love the classics and pay them a visit often, but we want to be on the cutting edge of current fiction. We want to observe, empathize and contemplate how our collective global society digests the world and then spits it out. Most importantly, without the filtering machine of agencies and publishers that only select marketable works.

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A Different Life

Poem we all wish for it in various moments during our day so we could do a different thing live somewhere else have the courage we miss or kiss the wind while everyone is...

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Vineyard Visit

Haibun A patio of filled tables and empty bottles. A trio plays the Beatles, the lead singer tapping a tambourine against her thigh. We stopped at the Torne Valley Vineyard on the way back...

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Spoken Word I can tell that you’re snoozin’ – call me a psychic But the only rapid movement’s under your eyelids Not sure if it’s the grade of the chro you’ve been smokin’ You...

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Haibun A flash of red. A cardinal perches high on a prematurely blossoming maple. He marks his territory, repeatedly singing the same crescendo. Moments later, he’s gone. No bird takes his place. Ides of...


A Quiet Walk

Poem On a late night walk On a beach or Even more so middle of nowhere, which is believed to be peaceful. Have you walked The sand of the ocean’s front On a summer...

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Atropos Leaves Her Lover Behind

Spoken Word Wondering when she can’t do things erase The lead streaks remind One of the empty parking Lot that we went to — the hill underneath The tires matched how Still we were...

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Buying His New Bicycle

Haibun Frankie leaves his bike by the Toys”R”Us customer service desk. Someone already put a sign on it: “bike exchange.” “Think of all the joy another boy as old as you were will get...

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RA Flare-up

Haibun Too long since the last shot of Enbrel. This familiar stiffness and grating pain throughout the shoulders, elbows, fingers, and knees. This dull, constant pain that shortens tempers and lengthens anxieties. I already...

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Poem your heart is pounding your mind can’t follow your thoughts the sun hurts your eyes eventually no matter how much you try to resist a sharp feeling in the left side of your...

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Killing A Dream

Poem   Some days are hard and sometimes I see the light but how can I? Say goodbye? To you, my dreams, my true love and passion, the strongest affection… I hate the days...

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Nonet (I)

A frenzied passion strives for beauty fervid minds overflow with vision tempestuous, our psyches like the rising oceans swift inspiration washes away the anchor of our peace

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Running In The Dark

Poem   There are no stars tonight To hang above our thoughts Clouded are our passages Like the light of the moon Am I running away or toward Dangers of an unchosen life I...

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Poem   Oh boy… We have come to this Weather a rose down to its thorns You see something hidden in the lush Notes of the petal’s scent Sharp pain a secondhand prize Awarded...

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Poem It is winter when I leave my home in the crepuscular morning. Summer when I return at twilight. Spring occurs somewhere in the in-between though I am not witness to it. Men, women,...


Answering the Call

Haibun The girls prance up the driveway. With their long-legged strides and pre-adolescent growth spurts, they could pass for high school track stars. Frankie races downstairs and opens the front door before they even...

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Life Amassed

Poem Dreaming in gold, radiant and bright Mind drifting like a gentle kite Laying in a sunbeam slumber A simple treasure Swimming in umber Ocean of yesterdays, to and fro Left on the wayside...

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Dropping Tea

Poem Some students say they think I’m posh. I am nothing of the kind.   I have learned to watch my lip. Breath, measured. Tongue, clipped. Pauses are well timed.   My broad Luton drawl...

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Euphoric Acedia

Haibun Afternoon winds blew apart gray cumulus clouds that canvased the sky. Patches of radiant blue appear. Frankie wraps his arms around my neck, covers my mouth, and says, “complainer.” Mira, rising with a...

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Poem   Spirits in my head Invisible to you But so real to me. Ghosts move about In the most silent moments Putting me to sleep. Do you see The colorful bouquet Growing out...