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Fencing, the ancient realm and art form is resurging after decades in decline. An ex-aristocratic leisure sourcing from ego driven duels over land and, yes, ladies. Not so much any more, I guess there is plenty of land and fights over ladies take different shapes. The other extreme dubbed it a sophisticated sport, a healthy alternative to piano lessons. The latter has something to do with the American National Fencing team being whipped back into shape in recent years and bringing some Olympic medals home.

Gold medals, along with not-single-minded pop-culture, infused by the King Slayer, Neal Caffrey and not long ago Quentin Tarnation, started a trend. Fencing gives the notion of royalty and sophistication for the ones that keep their mind’s eye on those. It is a classic coming back abound, a beauty of grace and splendor. If you are taking fencing, tango and write your letters by hand you are closer to the soul of life. Too deep!

Behind the un-garnished façade, fencing is a complex entity requiring immense focus of body and mind. Endeavor into a world of multiple weapons with subtle differences and fighting styles. Some consider it a sport, others bend a knee to its roots as a martial art with a philosophy and a lifestyle attached to it. If you want to combine the physical with the spiritual challenge and be a step closer to becoming super-suave citizen of the world the epée is the way to go. Stay sharp.



As originally published on May 1, 2013 by Luxurious Prototype – Trend: Fencing, En Guarde!

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