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I will be crispy, very clairvoyant and a little frivolous. Art is food. The ancient realm and art form of paint on canvas holds a central pedestal in my art world. Finding something for my wall is like fitting in a missing piece of my soul. We (humans) like things specific yet universal, simultaneously. Tough fit. But I find Eric Zener’s pieces do that special type of magic for me. He preaches letting go. Living in the present and being fluid. I will do the same. Because if I am going to invest my piece of gold into a metaphor I want it to speak to me daily. And I want it to tell me that my minty garden is the best garden in town.

Oil on canvas, exquisite brushwork and subject as broad as life. He mostly paints women under water, happily engaged and flowing. Also men (the wall street type) balancing each step on a rope suspended in the clouds. (Each Step Counts is a favorite.) Even simply describing his works reads as timeless fiction. Titles like How To Be Happy, Unbound, Blue Smile all wonderfully blue and super-critically fluid make the winter peter away. Abstractly real his kingdom’s dwellers radiate good vibrations and positive balance with their environment. He doesn’t exaggerate, he creates complex devices that add extra determination to your stride.

His work will be on display Apr 24 through May 17 at Henoch. (Be clairvoyant!) It is the time of the year when we are inclined to change religion. When you can either buy yourself two ice creams or dive into the art world. Until then cry your winter blahs away with blue smiles and stay on the king’s trail (plan I mean). Because you need a new religion and you need it pretty soon. (By religion I mean a pursuit or interest to witch someone ascribes supreme importance.) In our case fine art. For believing in the Exodus, the three little birds at your doorstep or a good painting are all religions. So pick your line. And. Keep walking!



As originally published on April 11, 2014 by AskANewYorker – Eric Zener at Gallery Henoch


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