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Haibun Poetry, atlantic 1

Atlantic Alternatives

Haibun Poetry   In another life, I’m too late. My son Frankie and his cousin Mia swim out too far. The waves at Robert Moses State Park swallow them. I cry out. They can’t...

Haibun Poems, beach 1

A Walk at Nyack Beach

Haibun Poems   The Hudson surges against the black boulders of the Nyack Beach shoreline. A woosh of water on stone is a chant in rhythm to the river’s tide. Frankie bikes around a...

Haibun Poem 4

The Morning After

Haibun Poem   Her cup of Columbian Supremo cools atop of a crumpled copy of the Journal News, spread over the kitchen table like leaves across the lawn. She stands by the kitchen sink,...