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How great entrepreneurs think about their energy use and supply? We land in NYC and we fall in love with the randomness and color. At first we are like three-year-olds discovering the world, everything is a wonder. But! We soon realize (or we don’t) that we didn’t come to the center of the universe to join the chaos but to give it structure. The city is masterful at providing alibis, through casual forms of leisure that quietly consume our time and energy. And energy is what we value and need to sculpt our lives, to carefully hammer away the imperfections. For nothing else but the load of dreams brought us here.

How much energy we give to the city and how much we get back is our most important account balance. We realize the earth rotates at a constant rate (the city doesn’t, it spins like a yo-yo). Which should we follow! Guided by the clock-stars we have two choices. To impersonate an important military general (no method acting required) and institute the discipline to keep a zone of privacy few could penetrate. Or! Join the yo-yo for a spin, motivated by the burden of dreams, soft gold, animated excitement, variety and illusions of sensations, hungry for glitter and pizza. Silly world, ain’t it!

What takes up our energy in the daily urban life? The job, the commute, the noise, the groceries, the laundry, but also the beer, the late nights, skipping meals, the so-called ‘hard fun’. And what gives us energy? Avocadoes, sleep, rest, love, friends, culture, taps on the back, passing milestones. If we are lucky to have a job we love, then hammering the anvil gives us satisfaction and we are rewarded with a calm sense of rightness. Dreams feel close and we turn stress in an energy generator. Feeding our hearts not our bellies is what adds torque to our stride.

Alternatively we pretend the city is as flat as a pizza and we jump from a peperoni wheel to the next headed for the crust but end up in the sticky cheese. In that case the city inhales us and exhales us right back into the good warm world. Over the years as we train our noses to smell and our pencils to write, we realize changing pace is hard. Once we settle in a routine (bad or good) we only see the subway, the office and the TV, with only random glimpses on Shakespeare, as he passes under our windows. To avoid that life, we must pay much heed in the development of our agenda. Create sustainable habits. We dance, joke, fence, play the guitar and travel light.

Nothing in our pockets, the lighter the better, leaving room for smiles. Staying savoir-faire is not easy but it adds a couple of notches of determination to our public speaking. For our ultimate goal is to produce smiles on an industrial scale. Bark if you like smiles! Because. Even the past is unpredictable. Same rules apply. Instead of dressing like an international criminal, planting ourselves on a table surrounded by noises tolling every nerve in our body, eating cooked animals dipped in fat, we should meditate. By meditating I mean do things that our body and soul need not what our senses desire (Shakespeare on a bike vs. pizza). In other words.

How great entrepreneurs think about their energy balance? Economically! Stay frosty!



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