How to Reach Enlightenment

how to reach enlightenment



What does it mean to be a true artist with life itself for a medium? A master of the present of sort. Surely in order for every brush stroke to be perfect you have to be focused and capable. You have to be in control your stream of experience never falling off the edge of the wave. Quality life boils down to being in control of your every day. All of it work, family, leisure. Having a passion for solving every puzzle fate puts in our way, from brushing your teeth to talking your boss into giving you a raise.

Problems should be welcomed as an inevitable part of the flow of things. Many ancient and modern philosophers have mused to suggest that when great people look back at their lives they discover that their hardest year was their best year. The feeling of control and overcoming obstacles then must be among the most profound feelings there are.

Nobody was born great or a master at the art of life. Some were more favored than others. But for the most part it is you with chisel in hand hammering away pieces of the marble block that makes up your soul and mind. Early on in life you hammer hard and with less precision, making mistakes at times. Only later realizing that you can’t glue those pieces back to make your masterpiece.

If both external and internal conditions are favorable by the time you are wise your marble block will be nearly intact. You get a smaller chisel and shapes emerge, you fine craft your sculpture. You can see it through. You no longer run, you walk. The right technical and tactical skills have reached perfection and you focus on creativity. Unless they haven’t and you hummer way as hard as you can until your marble block is nothing but dust. Either way you have to hammer. The pace is up to you.

But you can never stop doing the leg work. You either stay sharp or loose footing and statue as a center piece in Venetian royal court garden. For the purpose of staying afloat you need mostly wild enthusiasm and an endless source of smiles. You need a quality chisel. You have to stay in the honest open and talk like an international criminal. Build your sentences like sculptures on routine basis. In other words say things like – nobody loves sugar, but sugar loves everybody. Or – the only good advice is from strangers.

All in all, you have to love the game called life.



photograph by Jed Adan


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