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I exit the subway at Lexington and 59th Street. Headed in the direction of Central Park on 59th I stumble on an antique bookstore. I walked in to browse and feel the air of sophistication. On the few shelves that were not locked behind glass I came across Quo Vadis (not old enough edition to cost a fortune). I thought it a worthy companion for this day of reflection I had upon me. (it was still early afternoon). I rejoined the streets with the book under arm (double brick size). After reading the first page I didn’t want to go to the Park any more. I turned around and headed east.

I could hear the 59th street Bridge so I slid south until I only kept south zigzagging between 2nd, 3rd and Lexington. At the threshold of 30th street I smelled curry. The aroma stayed with me for ten blocks or so. I navigated slightly to the right through Gramercy to Union Square. I played a game of chess with Mohamed. It was not first time but this time I almost won. His focus and deliverance of the final moves was poetic. ‘You are getting better!’ I joked. The viewers exploded in laughter (five bucks well spent). I kept south-east to St. Marks. I bought a hat and a cigar.

The Bowery took me to SoHo and then to China Town. Mr. Lee was sitting on his usual bench and told me everything I need I need to know about life (as usual unintentionally). I gave him the cigar as a payment for his priceless opinions on being. I walked across SoHo on String street to Tribeca (fancy that). Then up trough NoHo, West 4th, Washington Square Park (where at least three student film shoots were in progress). The meatpacking district makes me feel old (or should I say wise). Up and up through Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen and finally Central Park (carefully avoiding Time Square). I am at the Plaza, my original destination. It’s dusk and I can smell the summer.



As originally published on April 18, 2014 by AskANewYorker – One fine day strolling NYC

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