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Kids at Play in the Snow 0

Snow and Solitude

Snow dropped by the other day Paraded down the street Grandly swayed, a bright ballet Both powerful and meek Colorless, a vibrant mess Lighting all the roads Where folks, well-dressed Recess, de-stress, live out...

Steps Up or Down 0


Floating Swaying Greying Just passing through These stages, changing Waiting Missing Fading Kissed by the mist Of if, why, which Thinking Hoping, Groping For you, You Or something enabling   more by A. M....

Green Hill 0


The breathing hills of the Irish green With waves of wind washing in between The skipping notes of a beck’ning flute And the running brook of a valley, serene Are all alive behind my...

Vinyl Record 0

Down and Out

Sitting on a wooden chair In a grey and hazy lair Walled in by both stone and earth Pondering unsettled cares Unrequited, disquiet, Gravitied by frowns and frets Brittled, lapsing, mental grasp Sinking shoulders,...

Sombre Sky Sailor 0

Sombre Sky Sailor

I imagined his ghost standing and waving from the docks As I sailed into the sky With my heart in pandora’s box Joining my scarred sword Unspoken words Velvet riding cape And caged birds...

Waiting III 0

Waiting III

Will you ever know My was combed just so Framing my free face Like a gift with a bow? I see you over there With a self-assured air Watching you just talking Interrupt? I...