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Crazy Goat, sarcasm short story 0

Animal Dilemmas – Goats Donkey

Short Story   The Doneky left the Frog’s boot with mixed feelings. It was not exactly happy with what it learned it will happen to it in the afterlife. Turning to ash and then...

short stories about awakening 0

Animal Dilemmas – Donkey Frog

Short Story   The Frog turn around and with a chain of small leaps rejoined the forest floor. The vegetation was so thick that in the tunnels under the grasses and bushes was pitch...

Frog, short stories about holding grudges 0

Animal Dilemmas – Frog Owl

Short Story The Owl spend the entire night hunting mice. It grew tired and clumsy as the night progressed. From the countless attempts it only managed to catch one. One tiny, equally unexperienced mouse,...

Owl, short story about fate 0

Animal Dilemmas – Owl Snake

Short Story   The Snake zigzagged among the rocks as far as its muscles would carry it. At last it reached a burrow underneath a lonely tree between the forest and the start of...

Eagle, short story about winning and losing 2

Animal Dilemmas – Eagle Bat

Short Story   The Bat was fully aware that it has just fought its last battle. Its legs were broken and its wings tired. With the little strength it had left, it adjusted its...