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Waiting II: A Proposition 0

Waiting II

My my, do I miss you Like feet without shoes On a chilled autumn night When on warmth they muse There are few who eschew The pull that you do When further away From...

These Endless Moments 0

These Endless Moments

I lay in flat on the earth, making my summer grass angel. Above, the undersides of green and gold leaves glow in the afternoon light. Below, cool roots connected to the hum of Earth’s...

New York 0

New York

New York I can’t stand you With all your ado About things and rings And panache-full prudes I just want some peace One night of ease Quiet mentality And compassion, please A hand on...

nature poem 0

Now I Leave You For the Birds

Poem   I went for a walk and found you growing in a small clearing of mulch and rocks. Few would hear if the tree of you fell. The birds in your hair would,...

Parrot Stories, short story about healing 0

Animal Dilemmas – Parrot Seagull

Short Story The seagull had won. It survived near certain dead due the kindness of a good natured squirrel. It defeated its enemies and took back its throne as a leader of the colony. Its statue...

Roma 0


I met Roma while I was on a plane to Italy. “Where are you headed? What’s your name?” I’d asked her. “Roma,” she’d said. When we landed, I thought I’d never see her again,...