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short story about sympathy 2

Animal Dilemmas – Giant vs Fruit Fly

Short Story   After the demise of the cockroach, it was dark again. Only the counter dwarf with the bell lantern spread light. The fruit flies casually flew back to business as usual. The corpse...

short stories about battle 2

Animal Dilemmas – Fruit Fly Cockroach

Short Story   The Cockroach crawled tireless through fields, forest, it crossed roads railways, it survived everything. It ate anything that was wet and smelly. It passed through many places and times suitable for...

short story about persistence 2

Animal Dilemmas – Cockroach Pig

Short Story   After all the food was consumed and the lizard ran off without a trace, the pigs settled on the uneven dusty dirt floors again. They were not thinkers and never thought...

intrusion short story 2

Animal Dilemmas – Pig Lizard

Short Story   The Lizard was used to attacks of the sort. As if every living creature wanted a piece of its home. The Lizard knew exactly what to do and how to time it....

short story about lizard 2

Animal Dilemmas – Lizard Rabbit

Short Story   The Rabbit was very hungry. Starving in fact, after fear and unwelcome excitement had burned every single calorie and most of its fat reserves. Chewing the bitter grass prevented it from...

chase short story 3

Animal Dilemmas – Rabbit Dog

Short Story   The Dog didn’t think much of the demise of the pesty mosquito. In fact it didn’t think about it at all. It was well accustomed to restless bugs poking around on several...