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wandering 1


Walking down a sparse street Heavy hands Slow feet Heart strings tight like rubber bands Blending in like an unknown brand A street lamp shines with faulty light Giving false hope A cruel joke...

dorian 0


you seem an unreachable, lingering thing like a wisp of dream smoke between that moment of sleep and awake that moment when my eyes flutter open to my sea-foam green room that moment when...

waiting 0


Waiting As if you would Come ’round for a chat I know that you could But don’t expect it at that So sit here I will To think of the weather The movement of...

Big Eyes 0


Do I have one large enough to love? I sometimes wonder if the cage of my chest is strong enough to hold another’s heart without casting a swift shadow of a doubt that would...

Celestial Poem 2


Celestial Poem   I watched the sun rise today and, of course, saw your hand making it happen As if you were the monarch of Circadia retiring from an extended day of ruling the...

Desert Thrills 0

Finding Middle Ground

Beauty once lead me on high Then dropped me down, a base reprise Colored blue, de-sensitized In purgatory, compromised I want to live, I want to die Feel life flash before my eyes Pinch...