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How Proudly She Walks

Short Fiction   “You don’t exist,” she said. Prometheus frowned. “Of course I exist! I stand before you, do I not?” “The idea of you stands before me.” The God of forethought rolled his eyes....

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Revolution of Self

Spoken Word Poem   I need a revolution of my self. I need to overcome the alienation that society has imposed on me, separating what I do from who I am and know I...

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Frank’s Screwdriver

 Short Story   Part I I’ve always felt like I could have had a very successful and happy life had I learned a trade. In the wake of the industrial revolution, families were no...


Altered State – Part Nine

Short Story Doctor Wilson leaned against the counter with his arms folded over his chest. “What if Tanya decides not to show up?” “She’ll be here,” said Kate. “We’ve both been working with her...


Another Mother’s Day?

Haibun Mom washed, curled, brushed and hairsprayed. Then she applied makeup and lipstick. For the first time in weeks, she looks like she always does when she goes out in public. She loses her...

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Summertime Killer

Short Fiction   Tight leather gloves gripped the wheel as the sound of the engines fired up. A deep roar reverberated through the vehicle, sending shivers down Harvey’s spine. The 1970 Chevy Nova sped...