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Where Love Resides 0

Where Love Resides

Love are these crushed blossoms that I hiked up and down the Montmartre steps to bring to you just because I knew you’d like them And I dream that you will clasp them in...

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Animal Dilemmas – Rabbit Dog

Short Story   The Dog didn’t think much of the demise of the pesty mosquito. In fact it didn’t think about it at all. It was well accustomed to restless bugs poking around on several...

Dreams 0

Dreams (II)

In my dreams I search for the perfect place. Solitary, bright peaceful and vibrant. In my dreams there are many endless roads from which I can see prospective comfort. In my dreams I know...

Butterflies 0

Untitled (I)

Butterflies? More like a school of sardines swarmed by dolphins. Swirling, churning the water. Rolling into a tight, anxious sphere. Hoping to escape the certainty of being devoured.

Waves 1


Maya Angelou said that being American means being white and everyone else has to hyphenate But what about those who hyphenate their lives in order to come together as a single unit Without titles...

Tips for Traveling to Lima Peru 2

Tips for Traveling to Lima Peru

Travel   Ah, what a beauty as you walk the streets, the beach, the parks your heart beating with a feeling of delight. Then you find where to eat. Food in Lima is religion!...

Richard Serra, Artist Review 1

Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery

Artist Review   I first came across Richard Serra at MoMA a few years ago. He currently resides between Tribeca and the island of Nova Scotia (at one point he started a furniture removal...