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Then I Walked Into You

Poem I found a clay hut while the desert stormed. Inside a monk sat on the packed ground Indian style, chanting the blues of the Ancients; centered soliloquist, unaware I laid prostrate before him....

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Sands of My Broken Timing Glass

How long until the sands run out Of your ticking, tracking eyes That look so freely in and through me And gaze upon shores of my muddled tries How long until the sands run...

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Poem About Nature   Are like pine needles Fallen from their mother tree Landing on the shaded concrete Too many to count Too many to care for All pointing in different directions Some together...

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Indecision Den

Introspective Poem   Here I am again Thinking yes, saying no Staying here Wanting to go Stuck. Again. In this indecision den Stuck in fear of possible growth and change and expanding my range...

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Poem   The wheels on this rickety country bus continue humming along the warm pavement, turning, just as time turns and ushers me towards that place where you are wherever that is whoever you...