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Forgetting You on a Plane

Poem   The stale oxygen in this human cargo air ship is drying each last molecule of stability I had on land and expelling it back into the soft, deadly blue surrounding through some...

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Diamond Gaze

Diamond piercing gaze Lashes sharp like barbed wire fences Guarding wary soul more by A. M. LAINE Photograph by Rolands Lakis

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The Sojourner

Life Poetry   Walking down this dusty road Shaped by those before me It crumbles behind face As I sojourn in this place Grassy lands begin to brown From under my bare feet Egressing...


The Day I Held Two Sapphires

Poem I held two sapphires in one hand. They were your precious eyes. Trees spoke solace to the hummingbirds in my ears who thought flowers grew in there somewhere. They were wrong but they...

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Underneath Her Golden Charms

Poem For all pine after her shining airs Exalt her agreeable, confident layer And she arises with grandiose care To meet their hopeful, expecting stares Yet underneath her golden charms, Her fluid gait and...

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An Ode to Friendship

Poem So will that photo always change To hopes you often rearrange Framed unstead’ly on the wall As if it held no gold at all? Or was it simply pre-ordained To sit so crooked,...


Paper Football

Poem Like a child playing paper football You flicked me through the handmade goal at which you were aiming. I was happy to be folded by your fingers into a crisp little triangle. We...

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I Find Roots Floating in Open Water

Spoken Word   I find roots floating in open water, between the devil and the dark of the deep blue glass ceiling. My roots, my appendages, suspend and weave into this moving blue. I...