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An Ode to Friendship

Poem So will that photo always change To hopes you often rearrange Framed unstead’ly on the wall As if it held no gold at all? Or was it simply pre-ordained To sit so crooked,...


Paper Football

Poem Like a child playing paper football You flicked me through the handmade goal at which you were aiming. I was happy to be folded by your fingers into a crisp little triangle. We...

Originality Poem 0

I Am No Blank Slate

Poem   He thought me a marble statue of the Ancient Greeks, admiring the soft sheet that silhouetted my curved form. I do not argue that I wear drapery elegantly, nor that I feel...

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Poem   Melt into a pool of chrome in my zone. Throw the zone of known out the window the window will let it fall away. Don’t fall away with it. Stay and muddle in...

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Mourning of the Morning

Poem   There were blues in the hues of the morning, mourning the end of night. There, too, were warm rays of sunshine upon the heads of early doves. Words were absent from the...