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sighting poem 1

Suit of Light

Poem   There was that time I saw El Cordobéz in the city of Leganes, sharing the bill with Padilla and Encabo. El Cordobéz was in his golden traje de luces. Still impetuous, disdainful,...

place poem 0


Poem In the park, Which reminds me of The Luxembourg Gardens trees swell with bursts of cadmium fires Windswept branches sway like Burnt-umber menorahs under the Weight of lamp-black snow The fluttering of countless...

art poem 0

Ode to Bacon

Art Poem   Those faces, blurred and smudged as if an artist’s finger had passed over the surface of the paper. What horrors lurk inside your psyche so that you see the world in...

poem about women 1

Let the Girls Run

Poem   Let the girls run and play untethered like little boys before they are told to cease and be like little girls. For now, let them swirl and swoop and dive like thrushes...

poem about past 0

In Rooms Like These

Poem   Even now, I see her moon face, those limpid eyes, half slits with sleep, lying in repose beside me. In those days, we lived in bars and boxes. Hers, a refuge in...

introspective poetry 0

To What Destiny of Mine

Poem   To what destiny of mine I ask , O conscript fathers, so that I may have this query rejoined. I tour the western rim of the fluvius Tiberis as night pursues the...