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Diary from an Empire

1/4 rage in Ferguson their hands up they shout don’t shoot our empire bides 2/4 Brown robbed the store a curfew for Ferguson not the empire more by JUN HUA EA

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Empty Intimacies

Haibun Poem   The towers of the George Washington Bridge straddle the traffic. The constant drone outside our motel room is our own urban surf. Inside, a musty smell from the carpet complements the...

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These are my saddest lines The last that I write for you That you once loved me and I you and everything was wonderful That my pen never stopped moving upon paper And the...

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On My Feet

On my feet I feel the care taken for us, Keen honed and aching up my legs. Everywhere I look I can see the effort expended. All those streams of finance guided to just...

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Atlantic Alternatives

Haibun Poetry   In another life, I’m too late. My son Frankie and his cousin Mia swim out too far. The waves at Robert Moses State Park swallow them. I cry out. They can’t...

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The Rite (II/III)

Morning ascended – we climbed in the minivan to open shop, as you, and she, had done for years without lapse. I had coiled the night in angst – dreading the future I extruded....

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Today I made a memory of you A perfectly contained thought that could be placed in a box on a shelf in my mind and retrieved whenever I say the word, “Go” It’s safer...