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A Place Where I Belong

Poem   I almost always find myself at the little pink house on Rue Saint-Vincent on the Butte Montmartre. I go there to see Amala Landré sing Edith Piaf songs and to see them...

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To Dance

Poem I like to Stand When I read I feel I can be More Expressive I failed acting Class Who fails acting In church? Still I do not like To be Behind a podium...

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To What Destiny of Mine

Poem   To what destiny of mine I ask , O conscript fathers, so that I may have this query rejoined. I tour the western rim of the fluvius Tiberis as night pursues the...

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Poem In the park, Which reminds me of The Luxembourg Gardens trees swell with bursts of cadmium fires Windswept branches sway like Burnt-umber menorahs under the Weight of lamp-black snow The fluttering of countless...

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The Prophet

Poem   If I wandered the streets With feet unshod like Socrates and demanded You answer the question: “What is Justice?” Would You think I was a lunatic? Or just another prophet.   more...