Spaces: Three Poems

what i haven’t said yet

you can be my sloppy seconds /
I can be your first / lets go dancing in the river / lets give each our worst
Be my grubby angel baby / I’ll be your sham queen /
Let’s hold each other in the night / pass into day /
Unseen /


palmful of earth: a lullaby

life happens / it gets in the way of your plans / now you’re at the top of the world / next you can’t stand /everything’s a cliché / everything’s real / all meaning exists / in a scratch on your heel /
though it will heal / the memory stays / your body no different / your mind has changed / these sound like the ramblings of a drunken fool / forgive me father / I know not what I do /
only this /
it fills me with infinite sadness / that I cannot provide for you / in the way in which you need me to /
life happens / it’s a riddle / it’s a vexing nexus that perplexes us / this lexicon isn’t good enough / where is the worth / i give up / can’t give you nothing / but a palmful of earth.



hold hands / like life was made / in the crevices of each other’s fingers / eyes flooded with the rich butter yellow love we wear on our sleeves / inhale the magic of a goodnight kiss / listen to the bells that chime through the darkness, swallowing our breath in their infinite time /

feel this/ occupying the space we carved out for each other on a balmy night in June /
then let go / let it all go / for it all has to go /
Even us / even you / even me.



Photograph by Beata Ratuszniak

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