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I can safely say that I have come across the most interesting man in the world. No names, discretion has been advised. He didn’t have to cajole himself in being eccentric, on the contrary he has to tame himself down every so often. Compared to him the rest of us seem just to imitate life. His buddies call him Buddha, for a good measure. His only goal is, in his own words, ‘adding a touch of structure to the beauty of aimlessness.’

Buddha has organized a group of bicycle enthusiast that once a week with the aid of a tracking app draws animals using the streets of our fine city. It is a daylong expedition that often includes all the five boroughs. Involves detailed planning, practice, repetition, adjustment to get the natural formation of a beast on their phone screens to perfection. Once they perfect and conclude say the ‘dragon route’, they add it to their head library, well detailed (with experiences, obstacles, places, people and laughs) in their minds and come back to it at times, using no technology (it’s like learning to perform a symphony).

Sounds like something Banksy would do, or cooler! The Buddha crew is driven by improvements, self-mastery, the process itself, they are detached from the fruits of the action. They don’t float on the river, they are the river. It’s a very exclusive club. Enlightened and detached from artistic imperialism but at the same time mingling with the dangers of the road. It’s a curious hobby, indeed. An abstracts alternative to renting a pineapple and displaying it on your mental piece. Savvy!

The winter is trotting in but a crispy, crunch, minty day has never been an obstacle for Buddha. Better ride with a purpose than sucking on a pacifier (purposeless). The idea was born here (NYC), they say, and was well faired by our vast tortilla flat city. (When the streets are your paint, countless combinations are appreciated.) The members of this fearless band have day jobs. They are ordinary people, they do not refuse to confront reality. They just make a play of it. Especially when for an island of time they stop plowing the fields of the Middle Kingdom and practice their very special form of meditation.




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