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The minty New York streets certainly provide enough coolness these days to keep my mind on edge. For the unrare occasions when I need to firmly grip the hands of my clock and escape time for a couple of hours. One of the places where this delicate procedure has a high degree of success is the Sunshine movie theatre. (I know the name says it all but I will still elaborate.) The temple I first saw Exit Through the Gift Shop! Art-house, independent thinkers, foreign, non-traditional, unique are all an epitome connoting the halo effect of the place. Stop searching for super heroes and prequels to tested formulas.

Instead! Become a connoisseur of fine film. Find a joyful delight in unraveling a complicated knot, in order to find that the world has an order. I am glad to help you. Put your orange pants and knitted sweater on. It’s time for post-natural behavior, for dragon slayers and vagabonds living on the edge of society. Here you don’t have to worry how many triangles you see in you daily optical illusion. On the contrary, get busy climbing the tree of life. Visit Thailand, Korea or Chile for a couple of hours to escape the crispy wind. The offerings are mostly first run, independent, foreign, restored classics along with gourmet lollipops. Lollipops know how to have fun and only attend the most fashionable parties in town.

Because close ups on smirking caped saviors are not in fashion here. You are outside the culture based on velvet walls, plastic comfort, ice cream and bacon. You are in an art-house. Just you and the stones in your hands. So aim well and shoot proper. And if you pay attention you can learn that animals without upper teeth have four stomachs and most of them have horns. (An indispensable fact of life, the knowledge of which will elevate your standings in any social circle.) May be I am too romantic about cinema. May be the European sentimentality and leisurely compass in me are too tangled in SOHO’s labyrinthine streets. But I think capitalism could use some of both! Stay crispy.



As originally published on January 31, 2014 by AskANewYorker – Sunshine Cinema


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