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How to Become an Extrovert 1

How to Become an Extrovert

Social Articles   ‘The best conversation you could ever have is with a stranger.’ Said someone well endowed in the universe of a fruitful chat. The liquid shapeless manner of the matter of talk elevates...

Bicycle Adventure, Sport Articles 2

Just for Kicks! The Coolest Bike Enthusiasts

Sport Articles   I can safely say that I have come across the most interesting man in the world. No names, discretion has been advised. He didn’t have to cajole himself in being eccentric,...

Richard Serra, Artist Review 1

Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery

Artist Review   I first came across Richard Serra at MoMA a few years ago. He currently resides between Tribeca and the island of Nova Scotia (at one point he started a furniture removal...

Mike Kelly, Art Show Review 1

Mike Kelly at PS1

Art Show Review   I would like to borrow Mike Kelly’s imagination for a few days, so I can create a grand metaphor for life itself. Hurry to PS1 before the fresh loafs of...

Sunshine Cinema, Cinema Review 0

Sunshine Cinema

Cinema Review   The minty New York streets certainly provide enough coolness these days to keep my mind on edge. For the unrare occasions when I need to firmly grip the hands of my...