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The City page includes cultural or fictional prose as well as poetry that is related, inspired or derived by the unique interaction with these concrete jungles.

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Then I Walked Into You

Poem I found a clay hut while the desert stormed. Inside a monk sat on the packed ground Indian style, chanting the blues of the Ancients; centered soliloquist, unaware I laid prostrate before him....

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We’ll Fly Away

Short Story   Salma stared at the clouds all day. The quiet stilled her mind to let her dream dreams of flight. Salma would find a way into the library after closing and spend...


The Old Skyline

Spoken Word I was caught out red-handed The backs of my hands Stained with the drops of logic Since following the worst my city Had to offer All of sudden, the horizon and skyscrapers...

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Poem   Nothing is wrong, Everything is right. Some things are meant to die. Momentary happiness, then nothing felt inside. Emotions played, feelings dried. Back and forth, Left and right. Patience, patience, the tide...


From the View of a Stranger

Poem These buildings are my old friends These smells of warm rice and cool mist Are my family It’s a different city here It feels so far removed So many memories Like a heartbreak...

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High Rises

Poem   High rises grow from the city like weeds. Concrete is supple soil if the gardener is nurturing and ruthless. Living things need both to blossom. The fruit the buildings bare drips down...