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The Contemporary Fiction page on Image Curve serves as an umbrella term for all our fictional prose that has new edgy voice and relates to modernity, always bending the rules of the narrative to the will of global culture.

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Pariah Queen

Short Story She never meant to kill anyone. Or anything. In this moment nostalgia yet again hotfooted through her synapses; a jagged, fiery sensation. Her mother was a striking artist and a fashionable smoker....

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The New Addition

Short Story   ‘But where did you get it, mom?’ Beverly continued to unpack her bags slowly and methodically, like she usually did. She pulled out a melon and placed it on the counter, then...

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Short Story   What is that incessant tapping? I look down at my shaky hand and identify the culprit. Ugh. Do something else. I pick up my pen and begin to move it across...


Angel In the Smog

This bus driver is a good man. His ring is gold with lots of holes in it, intertwined like a wrap of some kind of jungle leaf or something. It makes me wonder… Trinidadian,...

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Spoken Word So it came to pass, that one morning I awoke, and the Serenity Prayer snapped into place within the folds of my grey matter. After so many years, the ghosts populate more...