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The Contemporary Fiction page on Image Curve serves as an umbrella term for all our fictional prose that has new edgy voice and relates to modernity, always bending the rules of the narrative to the will of global culture.

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A Troll’s Life

Short Story   Roger sat on a stone near his bridge looking intently at the lackadaisical water. Inside were some trout, fat ones swimming upstream with modest determination. Roger was large and it took...

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Tell Us About It

Short Story   I was fourteen-years-old and had just started high-school when I got a part in the school musical. Everyone knows that Mrs. McNulty never gives parts to freshman, but I got one,...

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The Evil Fred

Short Story   Not a lot of people liked me. I didn’t do the stuff they did. I couldn’t play sports, and I had a small stutter, which made it hard to talk to...


Happily Ever After

He keeps all his photos, and looks through them regularly. She’d never said so, but to herself she admits that of course it bothers her. In fact, how could he not see that it...

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Dream October 2012

I was a gypsy child last night. My skin tanned by countless days beneath the sun of our forest. Only about 13 or 14. When the soldiers come and separate us, I recall glimpses...

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Small Talk 2 – Problems

Short Story   It’s good, rather brilliant. You think so? It’s logical. I thought you would bring the coffee. I do. And now you are in our conversation. What I can’t have an opinion? You...