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The Contemporary Fiction page on Image Curve serves as an umbrella term for all our fictional prose that has new edgy voice and relates to modernity, always bending the rules of the narrative to the will of global culture.

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The Outside – Part One

Short Fiction   With little knowledge of the outside, I stare helplessly at the city gates. Stumbling onto the platform, only a few stragglers continue their shushed conversations. I motion toward John, who rallies...

The Lighthouse 0

The Lighthouse

I woke with the dawn that morning. The sunlight fell in through the window and it was moments before I realized where I was. The bed was as hard as frozen hay beneath me....

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Animal Dilemmas – Elephant Cheetah

Short Story   The Cheetah slept stretched out on a large branch on a leafless tree. The cool night air purified its mind. The nights in the savanna were clear and starry. The Cheetah...

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The Tramp — Part One

Dystopian Short Stories   From his high vantage point he had a terrific view of the poor sap below him. The Kid sat in a tiny room made of concrete — the ceiling had...

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Before Time

Science Fiction   Orb Kreesh was meant as a prototype before the beginning of time and life, created by Karby, the magnificent. Karby wanted to try if life could be created and sustained so...

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Animal Dilemmas – Whale Ants

Short Story   The ant colony was growing so large and strong that the giants that ruled the ship started noticing it more often and losses of hundreds of worker ants at a time...