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Artful vessel is the hand: encountering the world’s interstices, plumbing imperative and mystery. It is infant and mother in rapt communion, a supplicant’s devotion distilled in a clasp, lotus of ethereal apsara in bloom,...

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The Language of Love

Love is not afraid of cliche, for when it speaks all words expressed before are rendered mute.   more by LUCAS HOWARD Photograph by Denist Soh

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Zedlist – Part Twenty

“I think we need to talk, Charles.” Valerie said, getting up from her seat by the window, she gave her husband a look that Kevin couldn’t quite decipher. Kevin was left sitting on the...

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When It’s Done

What’s in that place beyond the pines? The dark recesses and cragged peaks Valleys that swirl with sumptuous lavenders and honeyed golds Caverns enswirled by misty hues of turquoise deep The fronds that billow...

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When I Think of You

When I think of you, I see the stars You touched my heart so much it sparkles. Who am I, that I was given this light? Starting this day with new intentions, Until the...

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The weight of your fingers pulled by gravity with each fall. Landing on keys as if they were always meant to be there. Magnetic attraction; like my heart is to your music. You shape...

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The Seekers

Tell me you love me with ways beyond words Where our minds hope to reach Past the snows of Kilimanjaro From heated positions upon the plains Through points above the horizon Where what we...

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Heart’s Sweater in Blustery Weather

I fashioned a sweater with sleeves That I’d wear my heart on, you see Pinned in plain sight Steady and bright Pulsing like waves in a breeze I stitched threads together quite tightly That...