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Crying, I give my empty hands, my body is wrapped in disease it is going, disappearing, decaying … What is it that ate you? What is it that put you to sleep? What is...

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On My Feet

On my feet I feel the care taken for us, Keen honed and aching up my legs. Everywhere I look I can see the effort expended. All those streams of finance guided to just...

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A Walk at Nyack Beach

Haibun Poems   The Hudson surges against the black boulders of the Nyack Beach shoreline. A woosh of water on stone is a chant in rhythm to the river’s tide. Frankie bikes around a...

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The Stare

Darling, keep poise – they are absent control. You, with your taut curves and sleek, liquid length of glinting darkness – let them stare. I, with these fine-arced malars and narrow eyes, strolling aside...

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Go Ahead, Release

Something new always feels familiar Set that table cloth down over The edges you feasted by Sunlight manages to get shot Of dripping honey Get distracted by the sweet And I’ll get away with...

Where Love Resides 0

Where Love Resides

Love are these crushed blossoms that I hiked up and down the Montmartre steps to bring to you just because I knew you’d like them And I dream that you will clasp them in...

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Untitled (I)

Butterflies? More like a school of sardines swarmed by dolphins. Swirling, churning the water. Rolling into a tight, anxious sphere. Hoping to escape the certainty of being devoured.