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After The End 0

After The End  

Set me down in the ashes After the end of things. When the clocks have accepted their stillness. With cool silences stretching unfettered overhead. We could send our stories elsewhere, Off where they keep...

New York 0

New York

New York I can’t stand you With all your ado About things and rings And panache-full prudes I just want some peace One night of ease Quiet mentality And compassion, please A hand on...

diary 0

Diary from an Empire

1/4 rage in Ferguson their hands up they shout don’t shoot our empire bides 2/4 Brown robbed the store a curfew for Ferguson not the empire more by JUN HUA EA

no light thing 0

No Light Thing

You held my heart as a red balloon turning the string within your fingers absentminded in your abilities as if air could be contained by single knot and rubber red string begetting trapped self...