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Sad Girl 0


You had me at your disposal… like garbage tossed aside. With a foul heart you stroked rebellious pride. Cleaning out your closet tossed aside I lay, toyed with my emotions… no longer your prey....

New York 0

New York

New York I can’t stand you With all your ado About things and rings And panache-full prudes I just want some peace One night of ease Quiet mentality And compassion, please A hand on...

Garage, Haibun Poem 1

At a Garage in Tallman

Haibun Poem   I brought my car in for inspection at Tallman Tire and Auto. A tall, thin man with graying brown hair under a Yankee fitted cap smiles. He was one of Frankie‚Äôs...

diary 0

Diary from an Empire

1/4 rage in Ferguson their hands up they shout don’t shoot our empire bides 2/4 Brown robbed the store a curfew for Ferguson not the empire more by JUN HUA EA

no light thing 0

No Light Thing

You held my heart as a red balloon turning the string within your fingers absentminded in your abilities as if air could be contained by single knot and rubber red string begetting trapped self...