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San Francisco 0

Dreams of the Bay

When reminiscing of San Francisco, I think of… Uncharted waters, vivid and crisp Dreaming through a facade in the mist of amber’s rain. Untapped opportunity, thriving from the branches of father time. Leaves of...

Bulbs 2


room of light balls room of candles room of bluebells bluebird then the images disappear as they are wanted to more by URSULA RABAR BABIC

Common Tongue 0

Tongue Tied

We all draw from the same pile, Scoop up our words with practiced ease and Feel them time-smoothed, Ringing with the movement of other tongues. They make such varied shapes; Edging out patterns of...

Waiting II: A Proposition 0

Waiting II

My my, do I miss you Like feet without shoes On a chilled autumn night When on warmth they muse There are few who eschew The pull that you do When further away From...

We Are a Mystery of Becoming 0

We Are a Mystery of Becoming

(for Carter) We are a mystery of becoming: obstinate riping of time; capricious tango of biomolecules; the fervent cleavings of a zygote, fated migrations in gastrulas, urge toward organogenesis; discharged into the world a...

Permafrost 0


Look – I need this Format Replace Tantalize Wrap around this little finger…here Search the memory banks; tumult Flex Gasp Shudder, remember those invitations Folded neatly on the seams…here Slam it forward roll those...

tonight 0


These are my saddest lines The last that I write for you That you once loved me and I you and everything was wonderful That my pen never stopped moving upon paper And the...