Tips for Traveling to Lima Peru

Tips for Traveling to Lima Peru



Ah, what a beauty as you walk the streets, the beach, the parks your heart beating with a feeling of delight. Then you find where to eat. Food in Lima is religion! Foodie speak easies that only the locals know are the way to go. No names, finding them on your own is just as much fun as eating there. An old lady that used to grill caw hearts on the street, got discovered by the one of the most prestigious chefs in South America – Gaston Acurio, now has a tiny place with a line turning around the corner. Not bad for a place serving only one dish – skewered and grilled caw hearts, aka Anticuchos. Next to them, Cebicherias are in the center of food culture both on the coast and in the colorful districts with roofless houses where true life is rife.

From the ocean front luxury of Larcomar to the beautiful dusty streets colorful with food and smiles. Every peruvian start a meal with a ceviche. I believe in the recreational danger of trying strangely looking food and alternative flavors Pisco Sours (coca leaf). You will also find probably the very best recipe to cook chicken in this colorful metropolis. Casual busy local restaurants are often complimented by a karaoke bar right on top. So you could sing, dance and joke like you are capable of nothing else. The evenings always gravitated to a tiny square by the president’s palace dotted with dessert stands. Sweet! So I started my day with a ceviche and finished it with Pica-pica-pica-picarone-eeeee-s (in the words of the best maker of picarones).

You can even get a good ceviche while stuck in traffic. Mind you, the rush hour here is like a thousand pizza deliveries stuck in time. You could cook a steak, well, with a cigarette lighter in between three traffic lights. But it is worth the hustle for the things you would see are nothing short of poetic. Once you get to your destination Pisco Sours are consistently good looking and delusions but the winner is only one. A coca leaf infused version at Ayahuasca, a colonial house turned into an abstract lounge in Barranco, a bohemian district by the coast. There is multiple recipes for fun here so keep it frosty.




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