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People ask me,”When are you going to change your surname?”

First, make me clear that is it really all about only changing surname? That’s it?

No, according to what I feel. It is about changing the whole life. It is not simple as it appears. It is way more complicated. It is a total chaos.

What do you have now?

Now, you have a permanent roommate, who thinks that you will take care of his belongings now onwards. He will leave the cap of the toothpaste open, go and close it. He will leave his wet towel on the bed, go and put it away. Now you will have to wash clothes of two people. You’ll have to run after him with his lunch box , bottle, laptop, files, wallet and socks maybe. Afterall, running is a beneficial exercise, dear women. Sometimes you’ll ask him to take you out and if you are lucky enough, then after making some odd faces he’ll agree. But if you do not fall under this category, then be ready to hear a big NO. You see, he works all day and earns. Do not bother him.

Few years later, after having babies, changing nappies and many sleepless nights, you will run after many. Now your life will revolve around your kids, their education, health and marriage.

Here I have not included the mental pain. Yes, don’t forget about the house budget, savings, irritating maids, interfering relatives, stupid fights and moreover daily homework of your kids.

Changing surname is not all about romantic dance, candlelight dinners, extra shopping and delicious pizza toppings.

Go and take rest, go for shopping, eat what you want, take a body spa and laugh out loud untill your surname is changed.


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