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Image Curve is home to all poets, composing verses in all shapes and forms. We believe poetry is an engine for beauty that inspires us to stride forward head on into the future. We are the poetry publishers for all.

Image Curve is an exhaust mechanism: a creative outlet for anyone with a sharp pencil. We live to get high on language. We believe language is the universal art-form of human experience – the mouthpiece of a soul, a generation, or a god. If you write with your leg this is the place for you. If you read with your leg and can explain what is that supposed to mean, this is the place for you.

We are hungry for fiction. Image Curve is an online site for serial publication where writers can publish fiction in a weekly installment format. We are a home for the short story and the poem. We believe in the work and its original form, and we have an abnormal respect for anyone who can string words together in stories of any type, shape or form.

We love reading well-written, unfiltered, contemporary fiction by creative people of all backgrounds. We love the classics and pay them a visit often, but we want to be on the cutting edge of current fiction. We want to observe, empathize and contemplate how our collective global society digests the world and then spits it out. Most importantly, without the filtering machine of agencies and publishers that only select marketable works.

happiness poem 0


Poem   Happiness in a vessel Containing what makes you come alive A delicate light you protect But never letting it thrive Always keeping it in doubt Confused and deprived Bumping your head in...

sun poem 0


Spoken Word She never misses As you can see Exhibit A Heart wound Skillfully executed Under breastbone She was never brought to justice Roams the plains Scot-free The ghosts of Buffaloes Echo her every...

fed up poems 0


Poem It drives me crazy. Your stupid look, your lack of understanding. It makes me puke, the way you talk, phony, you’re just pretending. How am I supposed to communicate with you? Cause everything...

Dark Park 2


The street lights float like orbs, high in the sky. The rain punctures the pavement. A boy walks along a concrete path unaware he is being watched by a girl four stories above or...



Strong vibrations are flowing through the air. Do not despair, for soon we will arrive to the destination with time to spare. That icy, cold glare will melt into the purest expression of total...

moonlight poem 0


Poem   Moonlight – shy and pallid, pale is your face and amid the brightest stars it shines! Moonlight – kisses, passion- strongest, hottest – my emotion, deeper than the boiling ocean. Moonlight- path...