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Image Curve is home to all poets, composing verses in all shapes and forms. We believe poetry is an engine for beauty that inspires us to stride forward head on into the future. We are the poetry publishers for all.

Image Curve is an exhaust mechanism: a creative outlet for anyone with a sharp pencil. We live to get high on language. We believe language is the universal art-form of human experience – the mouthpiece of a soul, a generation, or a god. If you write with your leg this is the place for you. If you read with your leg and can explain what is that supposed to mean, this is the place for you.

We are hungry for fiction. Image Curve is an online site for serial publication where writers can publish fiction in a weekly installment format. We are a home for the short story and the poem. We believe in the work and its original form, and we have an abnormal respect for anyone who can string words together in stories of any type, shape or form.

We love reading well-written, unfiltered, contemporary fiction by creative people of all backgrounds. We love the classics and pay them a visit often, but we want to be on the cutting edge of current fiction. We want to observe, empathize and contemplate how our collective global society digests the world and then spits it out. Most importantly, without the filtering machine of agencies and publishers that only select marketable works.

poem about embracing life 0

Riding Waves

Poem One lives with a weakened soul Wearing the armor of a coated past Fighting to change the unchanged Directions to choice are blasting a cask. Strange sights forging this war Canvassing the lands...

hot sensual poems for her 0

Whisper, Whisper, Wearily

Poem Surreally pleasant after glow, Charms of winter’s Falling snow In lingering footless paths And designated aftermaths Full calypso Tranquil night I breathe a subdued Deathly plight My lips parted, Passionately, beneath Blankets departedly...

Freedom Poems 3

Welcome, Freedom

Freedom Poems   Freedom – my shelter, my home! I forgot your kissing winds, I forgot your caressing hands.   The way you make my heart pulse and throb, the way I am reaching...

snake rolled up by in moss by hiking trail 0

Encountering Two Snakes

The orange trail ascends Halfway Mountain. Yellow and brown elm leaves blanket the flanks of the path. As I say something to Mira, I jump with a start. Inches away, a black rat snake...

poem about desperation 0

There Is No End

Poem   In the darkest tunnel after shadows black and long. He awaits me, with his hands towards me… I am walking like a ghost not afraid of the misty clouds and the cold...

poem about graduation 0

The Gown

Poem   Putting on the gown The pride The courage The determination The dedication The camaraderie The friendship The going through and growing through things together The promise The hope The grand adventure behind...