Editorial Guidelines

Statement of Purpose

We believe your literary works should speak for themselves. With this in mind, the editorial staff at Image Curve strives to support authors through the submission and editorial process.


WordPress Account and Submission Schedule

All authors will be given a WordPress account with which to submit their drafts. Authors will receive an email with their user name and password as well as a link to the login page. A link to the login page is available at the bottom left of site.

Authors who contribute on regular basis (weekly or biweekly) will be given a fixed day deadline, between Saturday and Thursday. Submission will be due by 9pm on the deadline day. If an author is unable to meet the deadline he or she should inform the Editorial Staff in advance via [email protected]. If an author misses a deadline and is not responsive he or she will receive a warning. If an author misses a second deadline and is not responsive he or she will be considered no longer contributing.


Procedure and Posting Instruction

Authors should type or paste their work into the Draft page of WordPress. Once the Draft is created authors must press the Submit for Review button in the top right box of the Draft page so the Draft gets in our editing queue. Authors can edit their work up to the time of deadline. If the author desires to make changes after the deadline he or she should email our Editorial Staff via [email protected] with a request.

All short stories or serial fiction installments must be within the 600-1000 words range. Longer works must be submitted in installments of the same range.

Poems shorter than six verses must be submitted in mini collections of two or three short poems with a collection title as post title and individual titles of poems within post.


SEO & Tags

Authors are invited to complete the SEO Focus Keyword and Meta description, and select 3-4 descriptive tags for their posts, if they choose to.

Image Curve editors will add the navigational tags that link posts together and help the reader easily search the site for related pieces.


Text Format

We request that authors do not use special fonts, coloured text or odd formatting. In special cases the author can request such amenities in advance of his or her deadline. However, we reserve our right to have the final word on such decisions.



Every work of fiction or poetry will be accompanied by a professional photograph chosen by our Editorial Staff. Authors are welcome to submit a photograph for their work. This photograph must be taken by them or free of copyright restrictions. Image Curve will consider a submitted photograph but reserves its right to use a photo from one of the sites and photographers we work with.


Editorial Review

The Image Curve editorial staff will only edit fiction for typos, basic grammar and punctuation unless otherwise arranged with author. The same conditions apply to poetry with the understanding that irregular grammar use in poems is common and will be considered.

Authors should alert the editorial staff to any particular situations with irregular grammar and formatting in conjunction with submissions.

Standard and American Standard English are both accepted styles and will be edited accordingly.


Publishing Schedule

Author pieces are posted 8 days after the deadline date, regardless of a weekly, biweekly, or occasional contributing status. Occasional contributors will be assigned a virtual deadline, which will serve as an anchor and their submissions will be published 8 days after that deadline.


Email Communication

Authors will receive automated notifications upon publishing their work. Occasionally they will receive an email for an already published work. This may indicated that the newest chapter of a serial post is updated with a link to the next chapter, it is included in the Favourites section as it had gathered readers, or we have made certain changes after publishing of which we would like to notify you.


Changing/Removing Posted Work

Should an author want to make changes to a piece post-publishing, or temporarily remove a piece, that author should contact the Image Curve Editors at [email protected], and the post can be removed from the site and reset as ‘Draft.’

If an author would like to permanently remove a published piece, that author should contact the Image Curve Editors at [email protected] with a brief explanation.



Editorial standards and procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the Image Curve Editorial Staff and any changes will be communicated with the authors.

All communication to Image Curve Editors should be conducted via [email protected].


The Image Curve Team